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We have Customized some Answers to Any Important Questions or Issues for your reference.

Q: how do you enable active X.

A: click on tools in Internet Explorer,  down to Internet Options click, then security tab on top click,  click on custom level on bottom , Scroll down there should be 11 Items with the word ACTIVE X, you need to enable all active X, then press ok, security warning will pop up agree with it. once all set close Internet Explore the reopen and login.

Once all is working you can click on Default setting in security tab to restore security.

Q: Publisher issues

 A: click on tools in Internet Explorer,  down to Internet Options click, then security tab on top click,  click on custom level on bottom then scroll down to where it will say

Don't prompt for client certificate selection when no certification or only one certificate exists.

Then Enable

 close internet explorer completely then reopen and try login.

Q: I cannot view Playback on my LTD77xx using remote view on Internet Explorer

You MUST turn off the UAC (User Account Control).  Click on Start button, navigate to Control Panel.  Find User Accounts.  Click on "Turn User Account Control on or off".  Then follow the instruction to turn off the UAC.  This only applies to Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Q: Error message, "Connection Fail!(2), Reason: (-3)no stream timeout"
  1. Power Down your DVR by switching the On/Off switch at the back of the DVR to OFF position
  2. Unplug the Power Cable of the DVR.
  3. Wait for 3 seconds then reinsert the Power Cable back into the DVR.
  4. Switch the On/Off switch to ON position.
Q: I cannot view my DVR from the outside. What should I do?
  1. Make sure you can view your DVR from your internal network.
  2. Verify that your Public IP address can be "PING" from an External Network.
  3. Log on to the Admin Console of your Router/Access point provided by your Internet Service Provider.
  4. Navigate to Advance Network Setup and find "Port Forwarding" or "Pinhole".
  5. Create a Port Forward rule that pertains to the HTTP port specified in your DVR.
  6. Make sure the IP address of the Port Forwarding rule is the IP address of the DVR.
  7. Save the Rule and restart the router/access point.
  8. Log back onto the Router/Access point and make sure the Port Forward Rule applied.  If not, repeat step 4 thru 7.
  9. Access the DVR from an External Network by using either Internet Explorer or the Client Software accompanied by the DVR.
Q: My DVR froze after a period of time. I cannot use any control on the DVR.
If the DVR controls are no longer operating but the recording light is flashing. The best action to take is to turn the DVR power off, wait for 5 seconds, then turn the power back on. The DVR will resume operation. If the problem persist, please contact our technical support for further assistance.
Q: I suddenly cannot access my DVR from the outside.
You may have an IP address conflict.  Your internal IP address of your DVR might be in conflict with another machine on the same LAN.  Please adjust the range of your DHCP server of your router to exclude the IP address of your DVR.  Restart your Router, then restart your DVR and any machine on your LAN.
Q: I have a LTD7708. I can log on to the DVR on Internet Explorer but no Camera View.
On LTD7704 and LTD7708, all Live Views must be operated on a SINGLE monitor. Dual monitors will not work because of the resolution of dual screen. Disable one monitor or clone the monitor to perform Live Views.